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Applications decline at Brown University

March 30, 2012

Brown saw a 7 percent drop in applications for the class of 2016. 28,600 students applied to Brown this year, down from a record of nearly 31,000 last year.

Brown officials say the decline is probably due to a drop in the number of high school graduates around the country. They also cite the re-introduction of early admission programs at some peer institutions.

“We have anticipated a slight leveling off of applicants for several years given demographic shifts,” said Brown Dean of Admissions Jim Miller.

Despite the drop, this was still the third largest applicant pool in Brown’s history. Over the last five years, Brown has seen a nearly 50 percent increase in applications.

Slightly fewer than 10 percent of students who applied to the class of 2016 got in. Last year, the university admitted 8.7 percent of applicants.

Brown posted admissions decisions last night on the university’s website. Here are a few highlights :

  • Total admitted: 2,760
  • Proportion requesting financial aid: 2/3
  • Students from all 50 states are represented. The most common states? California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • 80 different nationalities are also in the admitted class. Top countries are China, Canada, Korea, India, and the United Kingdom
  • Percentage of women: 53.2
  • Percentage of first generation college students: 16.2
  • Percent who say they plan to concentrate in the physical or life sciences: 55
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