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Tuition hikes in the works for RI college students

October 31, 2011

As President Barack Obama moves to ease the burden of student borrowing, Rhode Island state colleges and universities are considering yet another tuition hike.

A proposal scheduled to come before the State Board of Governor’s for Higher Education this week would increase tuition and fees by 9.5% at the University of Rhode Island. Rhode Island College rates would go up by 4%, and the Community College of Rhode Island is slated for a 7.5% increase.

If the proposal passes, tuition and fees at URI will be set at $12,450 for the 2012-2013 school year. Tuition at RIC will be $7,558, and CCRI will cost $3,950.

Over the last five years, tuition and fees have gone up 52% at URI and 44% at RIC. In 2008, the cost of attending URI was just $8,184, compared with $11,366 for the current academic year, not including room and board.

Rhode Island’s tuition hikes have outpaced the average of 38% for New England since 2006 as state funding for higher education has dropped by roughly $40 million. State lawmakers did provide an increase for public colleges and universities in the last budget, while most other New England states made cuts.

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