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Providence, Cranston teachers return to school

August 30, 2011

Orientation begins today for teachers in Providence and Cranston. Students will resume classes Wednesday, one day later than the scheduled start of the school year.

Cranston Superintendent Peter Nero, who has been with the district some 35 years, says he cannot remember another time when the first day of school had to be delayed. State Education Commissioner Deborah Gist has also delayed a visit to Stephen Olney Elementary School in North Providence, which had been scheduled to coincide with the start of school in several districts around the state this week.

Tropical Storm Irene left tree limbs in playgrounds, walkways and parking lots in Providence, but school officials say they found little other damage. Some windows were broken at Classical High School, and as of yesterday afternoon, power had been restored to all but two city school buildings.

Parochial and private school students in Providence had to find their own way to school this morning. The district says a power outage at its bus facility made it impossible to provide the usual bus transportation, and families will be advised as to whether the disruptions will continue Wednesday.

Pawtucket and Kingston schools are scheduled to resume classes on Thursday. School officials in Pawtucket say six of the city’s 14 school buildings were without power yesterday, and they felt that teachers needed an extra day to get ready for the all-important first day of the school year.

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