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Former RWU president accused of harrassment

August 15, 2011

The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that former Roger Williams University President Roy Nirschel resigned during an investigation into harrassment allegations.

Nirschel stepped down abruptly last summer, and no one at the University would say exactly why. At the time, sources told WRNI that the school had a negative atmosphere for female employees.

Administrators at Roger Williams were unavailable for comment by phone early this morning. The school has released the following written statement:

Prior to the resignation of Roy Nirschel from the Roger Williams University presidency in July 2010, a letter of complaint against Dr. Nirschel was sent to the Board of Trustees. The Board’s Audit Committee took immediate action consistent with established University policy and retained independent outside counsel to conduct a review of the allegations made in the letter. Dr. Nirschel was made aware of thoseactions and on July 2, 2010, he voluntary submitted his resignation.

Since the start, the University has treated this as a confidential personnel matter – and despite recent reports, we will continue to handle the matter internally rather than share details publicly. While we fully appreciate the desire for additional information, the University does not intend to provide further details on Dr. Nirschel’s resignation.

Nirshel has been credited with improving Roger Williams’ academic reputation during his nine-year tenure, and he shepherded the school through controversy in 2007, when then-board chairman Ralph Papitto resigned amid allegations that he used racial and ethnic slurs during board meetings.  Nirshel’s replacement, Donald Farish, took over as head of the university on July 1st, following an interim president, who served for about a year.

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  1. Winfield Scott Moore permalink
    August 16, 2011 9:57 pm

    This “story”, a trumped up fantasy from the mind of “Chronicle of Higher Education” writer Jack Stripling, slips the surly bonds of this earth. Stripling, late of “Inside Higher Education” has an obsession with Nirschel rivaling anything conceived in “Les Miserables” or the “Fugitive”. Hey, Stripling may have a job soon with Rupert Murdoch, except Murdoch’s writers can hold your interest beyond the first couple of paragraphs. Bottom line, as a Bristol resident for 40 some odd years, and the Papitto years are odder than the rest, this story is charming and quaint and a work of fiction except in the mind of some of the “complaintants” a few of whom have the credibility of John Hinckley, Mark David Chapman or the woman who used to break into David Lettrman’s house. Note to Dr. Nirschel, if “ertomana” comes knocking on your door please, let it in…Also, if old Ralph Papitto, calls you (and at this point he may be reversing the charges) please don’t answer. Nirschel was a large figure in little Rhode Island, he transformed the University and brought prestige and glamour to a very second rate University. The “true” story, if truth should enter into this, was that Nirschel in a complex move altered the courst of Roger Williams, making it a University of the 21st Century, and an intellectual force to be reckoned with. This scared the daylights out of some of his sychophants and they returned to attack him and reduce him, and the University, to something they could grasp. Some of these pathetic misfits are still at RWU. That should be a warning to any parent looking to send their kids to this miserable school with the great view….

    • April 23, 2012 4:03 pm

      I guess this disgruntle dreader has not followed RWU as closely s I have after the disappearance and death of our son, Bryan Nisnefeld during his 1996-1997 term at RWU. Not only did the univerisyt fail to report Bryan missing for six days they went, in my opinion out of their way to coveer up their mishandling of the cae, threatening phone calls and even tried to collect tuition from Bryan six months after he disappeared. the university even threatened Bryan’s family with a lawsuit.


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