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Schools included in Central Falls bankruptcy

August 2, 2011

Teachers and administrators in Central Falls now have bankruptcy to contend with as they work to reform the city’s long-troubled schools. Receiver Robert Flanders, Jr. has included the district in the city’s bankruptcy filing. Central Falls Superintendent Fran Gallo says it is still unclear how that will affect roughly 2,600 students who attend Central Falls schools.

“We all have lots of questions,” Gallo said. “But I do feel that we’re working well with the receiver, and we will continue to be as communicative with our parents and students as possible.”

School officials in Central Falls must now get approval from the state-appointed receiver for all labor contracts and purchases worth $25,000 or more. Gallo says she plans to continue the state-ordered turnaround effort now underway at Central Falls High School along with other school improvement initiatives.

“It is our intention to continue with the reform efforts while we’re in the midst of the city’s bankruptcy proceedings,” Gallo said.

Central Falls Receiver Robert Flanders, Jr. says the schools had to be part of the bankruptcy filing because they represent a significant portion of the city’s financial liabilities. The state has been funding the Central Falls school district to the tune of roughly $40 million this year, according to Flanders, but that is about to change as the state enacts its new formula for distributing aid to school districts.

The entire municipal budget for Central Falls is just $17 million dollars without school funding, but the tiny city is expected to start paying for some of its education costs in the coming years. The state took over funding for Central Falls schools in the early 1990’s when the city was facing similar financial difficulties.

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  1. Jay Daniels permalink
    August 2, 2011 7:30 pm

    Imagine,,our Senator Elizabeth Crowley and Representative Gus Silva voted for the Education Funding Formula, which cost Central Falls school children almost TWO Million Dollars…which the city is expected to pick up.

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