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Langevin touts science and math education grants

July 18, 2011

Congressman Jim Langevin stopped by the Providence Community Boating Center today for a discussion on how to improve science, math and technology education.

The appearance is a way for Langevin to promote a new piece legislation that would provide grants for innovative science and math programs. As an example, Langevin is highlighting a summer program run by the Providence After School Alliance, which pairs public school teachers and community groups to create summer activities for middle school students.

I visited PASA’s summer program last year and found students happily in a variety of activities like working with Save the Bay or writing, producing and directing their own movie. Organizers say their goal is to give students a positive experience with learning over the summer and keep their minds active to avoid the often-invoked “summer slide.”

But students were not the only ones who seemed to be benefiting from the program. Teachers told me they got to know students in a different way while working with them over the summer, and many said they felt inspired to increase project-based lessons during the regular school year after seeing how well it worked in the summer program.

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