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Providence teachers update

May 9, 2011

Teachers in Providence are planning a rally Wednesday to protest the firing of 119 city teachers and the recall of more than 1,800 others. Union leaders say they are not happy with the process used to rescind termination notices, which was not based on seniority.

City officials are requiring 370 teachers to apply for open positions through an interview process. That group includes teachers currently working at schools that will be closed at the end of the school year for financial reasons and teachers who were not re-hired at schools undergoing state-ordered turnaround plans.

The 119 teachers whose termination notices were not rescinded include teachers being terminated for disciplinary or performance reasons.

The Providence Teachers Union has filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming the school district violated state and federal law by ignoring tenure rules when recalling teachers and by failing to provide individual hearings to terminated teachers.

Providence city and school officials say the recall process was created to avoid disruptions at schools not directly affected by closures or state-ordered reorganizations. Teachers will have an opportunity to apply for open positions without competition from outside candidates.

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  1. May 9, 2011 4:38 pm

    No… the process for the 370 teachers *may* involve an interview, but basically the candidates and principals rate their choices from the available options (both ways) and then a computer sorts it out.

    Also, the PPSD just posted 25 positions externally:

    Unclear what’s up with that.

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