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Biden to guys: rape is never okay

April 5, 2011

The Veep made a stop in New Hampshire yesterday to discuss new federal guidelines on sexual assault for college campuses. Joe Biden’s advice to male college students? No matter how she’s dressed, now matter how drunk she is, it is never, never, never, never okay to touch a woman without her consent.

NPR reports that the University of New Hampshire was chosen for the speech because it has been a leader on addressing campus sexual assault, a thorny issue for many institutions of higher education. A federal study suggests that one in five women will be attacked while in college.

Yale University learned recently that it is the subject of a federal investigation over allegations by female students that the school does not respond satisfactorily to complaints about rape, attempted rape or sexual harassment. Many women say the trauma of a sexual assault is made worse when school officials support the attacker, blaming provocative dress or alcohol consumption.

Brown University has had a different kind of challenge when it comes to handling sexual assault. A case currently pending in Rhode Island accuses the University of forcing a student off campus after he was accused of rape by a classmate. The male student maintains that the rape allegation was false, and he claims the university gave him no opportunity to defend himself because his accuser is the daughter of a wealthy Brown alum.

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