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Test results due out

February 8, 2011

State education officials will release NECAP scores and graduation rates tomorrow morning.

The announcement has been scheduled for Woonsocket’s Globe Park School, which suggests some good news may be in the offing for that school.

Rumors abound that scores have also gone up in Central Falls.

We’ll have the latest on who’s up and who’s down as soon as the report is made public.

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  1. Former CF teacher permalink
    February 12, 2011 5:57 pm

    “Rumors abound that scores have also gone up in Central Falls, ” we’re told one day. Since when is a rumor a “news item.” So where’s the follow-up blog that tells the TRUTH, that in fact the rumor was WRONG, that, in fact, the NECAP scores of Central Falls High School students have declined significantly since Gallo fired the teachers a year ago. Where are the incisive questions, the digging deep to find the truth? No, it’s enough to “suggest” that the scores have improved under Gallo’s corrupt leadership–no need to illuminate the truth, right Elisabeth?

    • February 17, 2011 3:45 pm

      You are absolutely right.

      Here is what we aired during our newscasts on just this issue:

      High school students in Rhode Island showed slight gains on the lastest round of statewide testing, but not students at Central Falls High School. 11th grade reading scores dropped by 11 percentage points at the troubled school, and writing scores were down 10 points.

      Central Falls Superintendent Fran Gallos says she was disappointed but not surprised by the results.

      “It’s a heartbreaker, but you have to realize there was a great deal of turmoil,” Gallo said, referring to controversy that errupted last year over the near mass firing of teachers. Gallo says she believes the scores reflect the upset at the school.

      “There was less student participation in reading and in actual practicing of their craft, and the scores waned,” Gallo said.

      School officials are hopeful that test scores get back on track this year. Central Falls High School is six months into a major overhaul ordered by state officials.

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