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Blogging the Central Falls High School turnaround

January 26, 2011

In case things weren’t busy enough already, Central Falls school administrators have just launched the Central Falls High School transformation blog.

The blog promises to be a resource for parents, students and others as the school attempts to turn around a history of poor test performance and low graduation rates.

Central Falls school administrators recently released some good news — an uptick in students scoring at or above average on the PSAT from 9 students in 2009 to 24 students in 2010.

Central Falls Superintendent Fran Gallo says the increase is significant and reflects a concerted effort to improve math instruction.

The new PSAT data was somewhat overshadowed, however, by the latest apparent spat between district officials and teachers’ union leaders.

Central Falls was unable to even apply for national conference on improving union-management cooperation in schools because the teachers’ union would not sign on.

The workshop sponsored by the federal Department of Education and the American Federation of Teachers requires joint participation from the superintendent, the school board chair and the teachers’ union president.

Central Falls district officials say they were “disappointed” when Central Falls Teachers’ Union President Jane Sessums told them she would be unable to attend.

The refusal promped a chiding from State Education Commissioner Deborah Gist. Central Falls district officials say the deadline to apply for the conference has passed.

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