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NAEP releases new science results

January 25, 2011

Rhode Island 8th graders are below the national average in science according to results out today from the Nation’s Report Card. 4th graders in the Ocean State scored at about the national average. Students at both grade levels scored below their counterparts in other New England States.

State officials say they are particularly concerned about gaps in the scores between white and minority students. Although the gaps exist to some extent in every state, they are wider than average in Rhode Island among white and hispanic 8th graders.  Black students at the 8th grade level also scored lower than their white peers, but the gap was smaller than the national average.

The NAEP science test was administered to about 3,000 Rhode Island students per grade in 2009.

Students in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts scored higher than the national average.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast is looking at reading and math scores on NAEP. According to the analysis, margins of error make side by side state comparisons somewhat questionable. However, their ranking places Rhode Island 37th (just above Alaska), while Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut all make the top 10.

The authors note that students who perform well on NAEP tests tend to come from states with lower poverty levels, and differences in state education policies can also affect test scores.

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