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The ed blog is back

December 30, 2010

Sorry for the long interlude between posts! WRNI has been keeping me busy learning how to host NPR’s Morning Edition. To all our loyal listeners, many thanks for your patience.

My New Year’s resolution is to get back to blogging, so here goes…

It looks like Washington, D.C. may still be in the market for a new chancellor of schools. In a surprise statement, Interim Chancellor Kaya Henderson cast doubt yesterday on whether she will take the post.

What does this mean for Rhode Island Commissioner Deborah Gist?

It’s  hard to tell.

D.C. press say they still expect Henderson to get the nod, and up to now Gist has said she is completely focused on Rhode Island.

Of course, that was before Henderson suggested she might not want the job. And there has been speculation that Gist might seek to return to D.C., where she used to work and where her husband still lives.

Henderson stepped in to head the D.C. schools following the ouster of D.C. Mayor Adrien Fenty and the resignation of Chancellor Michelle Rhee. The Washington Post reports that several other top employees have left since Rhee’s departure.

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