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Ed chairman: we’re not afraid to reconstitute Central Falls High School

December 1, 2010

The head of the state board of education says he has not ruled out a takeover of Central Falls High School, if the situation there does not improve.

Robert Flanders, Chairman of the Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education, says he is particularly disappointed by reports of high teacher absenteeism at the school.

“Apparently 15 percent or so of the teachers are sicking out on any given day,” Flanders says. “I think that’s despicable.”

Central Falls High School is in the middle of a turnaround effort ordered by state officials. The faculty was fired then re-hired earlier this year after agreeing to an overhaul plan.

Some teachers have expressed concerns about progress of the reform effort, which they say has led to an increase in discipline problems. 14 out of 81 teachers at the school received unsatisfactory evaluations recently in a review process that is part of the turnaround plan.

In an interview with WRNI, Board of Education Chair Robert Flanders says state officials will continue to monitor the school and will take whatever action they deem necessary to ensure that the turnaround is a success. We also discuss proposed changes to graduation requirements for high school students and new performance standards for charter schools, which come up for a vote this week.

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