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Central Falls high school forgoes police presence

November 16, 2010

Central Falls police say school officials have removed the police officer from Central Falls High School and re-assigned her to the middle school.

The move comes after police logs showed an increase in calls for help at the high school, which is in the middle of a state-ordered turnaround to address a history of low test scores and high dropout rates.

Some teachers have complained that new leadership at the high school this year has been too lax on discipline. As of last month, police had arrested at least five students and two teachers pressed charges for assault.

It is common practice for police departments have a dedicated school officer. Central Falls school officials did not return calls asking why they decided to take the police officer out of the high school.

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  1. Concerned citizen permalink
    November 18, 2010 12:57 pm

    Not that you will, but you should look at the actual details of these reports and talk to people on the inside about whether or not these are real assault cases or just teachers who are bitter and trying to make the school & administration look back. CF High School is not the violent place everyone paints it to be. Spend a day there.

    • December 30, 2010 4:58 pm

      I agree that Central Falls High School is not a violent place, at least it wasn’t on the day I visited. What I found were many teachers concerned about student behavior problems and still hurt over the threat of teacher firings during the last school year. I also saw more students behaving badly in hallways and in classrooms than I had on previous visits to the school. I spoke with school administrators, who told me they are aware of some problems and are working to tighten their discipline policy. Some students told me they have seen fights and bullying, while others told me it is just business as usual at C.F. High. Finally, I read the police logs and spoke to local police officers, who say they are very concerned about the number of calls they’ve been getting from the high school.

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