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Prospective first children attend private schools

October 22, 2010

Public education has been a hot topic in the Rhode Island governor’s race, but both of the current frontrunners send their kids to private schools.

Independent Lincoln Chafee’s children attended public schools in Warwick until the family moved to Washington, D.C. Chafee now has two children in private schools in Rhode Island. A third child attends a private university.

Democrat Frank Caprio sends his son to a private school. On the campaign trail he often mentions that his wife is a public school teacher in Providence. His opponent, Moderate Party candidate Ken Block, finds this contradictory.

“Frank likes to talk about his wife being a teacher at a great school,” says Block. “I just wonder why he’s not willing to send his kids to that school.”

Block has two children enrolled in public school.

“I’m a product of the public schools in Milford Connecticut,” Block says. “I wanted my kids to go to public school, and I made that choice a long time ago.”

Caprio’s campaign declined to comment on his reasons for selecting a private school for his son. Republican candidate John Robitaille does not have school-aged children.

All four of the candidates attended private colleges.

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