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Witness intimidation alleged in Brown rape case

October 20, 2010

Attorneys for William McCormick, a former Brown student, claim one of their primary witnesses has been harassed by a private investigator.

The lawsuit stems from a 2006 rape charge, which McCormick claims was false. He has sued Brown University, the classmate who accused him of rape and her family in an effort to clear his name.

Documents filed this week by McCormick’s attorney describe a package and a phone call inviting a key witness to dinner at a Providence restaurant. According to the filing, the phone call was traced to a private detective, who has been known to work for the father of the alleged sexual assault victim.

The court filings also accuse defendants of failing to provide documents related to the case. Brown officials say they have already produced hundreds of documents.

“In early June brown produced approximately 400 pages of documents to the plaintiffs,” says Brown’s attorney in the case, Steven Richard. “Currently Brown is working on a supplemental document production.”

McCormick has accused Brown officials of failing to adequately investigate the rape charge against him, and his attorneys have subpoenaed 18 current and former Brown students as witnesses.

Brown officials say they acted appropriately in the matter.

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